One class today-


open to anyone, FREE!!

Come experience for yourself what Crossfit is all about!

7 Responses to “Saturday

  • Great team wod today……….about 24 people braved the cold to get in their Crossfit workout this morning. Thanks to A.J. and Dawn for visiting with us!
    My teammate was Karin and we were well-matched for this wod….We carried that 14lb ball around EVERYWHERE to complete over 100 movements each (squat throws, running, lunges, situps, med ball cleans, box steps, pushups)!

  • Jarrett
    14 years ago

    Got my first muscle-up after class today. Good day indeed.

  • Nice job Jarrett! Way to stick with it!

  • Sorry to have missed this one! It looked like a good one! Unfortunately, screwed up my knee again. Hope to get some answers this week & get back soon!

  • Ouch! The muscle up still escapes me.

  • Maybe if you had a vest on will you could have gotten one.

  • Congrats Jarrett that is super exciting!! The vest has magical powers.