Want to give CrossFit a try to see if it’s what you’ve been looking for?  Come and have “fun” with us.

All workouts are designed to be scaled as needed.

Pictures from Friday’s Chipper

5 Responses to “Saturday

  • Tim & I completed the WOD of all WODs! Chicago Men’s Health Urbanathlon! 9.5 miles of running with 6 different sets of obstacles including the stairs of soldier field. The mentality necessary to push through when it gets really hard we got from our couple of months @ Crossfitnky! Thanks guys!…Now its ICE time!

  • wendy
    13 years ago

    Great to hear Jodi! Congrats! I remember when you started Crossfit, you stated that you had a goal you were working towards…excellent! Enjoy your weekend in Chicago.

  • Way to go, Jodi! You’ve been working out with us but you had the drive in you the whole time. Crossfit may have helped you find what was already deep within you but YOU and TIM completed the Urbanathlon all by yourselves! You should be proud! We’re glad to have you both as part of our team.

  • Congrats Jodi and Tim. Awesome job!!

  • Kristin
    13 years ago

    Great work Jodi & Tim! That has to feel like such an amazing accomplishment-congrats! 🙂