Saturday 11:00am

Get your weekend workout in- 11:00am, bring a friend!

Choose one sentence to finish in your comment today:

I crossfit because (_________) or  Crossfit makes me feel (___________)

3 Responses to “Saturday 11:00am

  • Moses
    15 years ago

    I gave the main site wod a whirl today here at the house.
    with a running clock….
    1 min squat, 1 min pull ups, 1 min squat, 1 min push ups…etc…
    In any case, stay moving for at least 12 minutes

    min 1/2 50/10
    min 3/4 45/15
    min 4/5 50/10
    min 6/7 40/20
    min 8/9 45/15
    min 10/11 42/18

    Took a while to get my legs rolling due to the aftermath of Fran.
    Used all of the clock on most rounds after the first round.
    Might have been able to work past minute 12, but my total would have come up well short of the magic “60”. Tough one.

    I Crossfit because I want to be able to keep up with my kids when they are 12 and I’m 50! 🙂

  • Great job Moses- way to keep moving at home while your family is watching cartoons and the Mrs. is drinking coffee!
    (Disclaimer: Mrs. Moses- this is just a description of a typical weekend morning at a not so healthy/fit household. This is only an example. I’m sure you were being very productive)

  • Armando
    15 years ago


    3 rounds of:

    1 min Box jump 24″
    30 sec rest
    1 min Dead-lift 135#
    30 sec rest
    1 min row for meters
    30 sec rest

    Total per rpunds
    1st 40/37/294
    2nd 23/27/281
    3rd 22/27/296

    I CrossFit because I love this!!!