Bring a Friend is Back!

11:00am WOD– bring a friend or if you’ve been checkin’ out the website, c’mon in, we want to meet you!

Noon:  Crossfitters ONLY!

2 Responses to “Saturday

  • Fun team wod today: Kevin/Karin, Monica/Kyle, Greta/Jason, Jessica/Wendy-
    3 rounds:
    200m run
    10 Box jumps
    10 Kettlebell Swings
    10 Knees-to-elbows
    *cannot go on to next round without your partner

    Bottom to bottom Tabata squats cool-down to keep us all happy at the end!

    Made up my OHS wod from Friday with a PR

  • Jessica
    14 years ago

    This has been a great week at the gym for me. I know I’m a complainer while I’m there, but I try to keep up the best that I can. It’s nice to really see the results though (and not just that my jeans are getting bigger!) But for this workout in particular….a month ago I couldn’t even hold myself on the bars long enough to try to do knees to elbows. Yesterday I did. Not really KTE, but I stayed up on the bar and at least got them curled up some! And for the kettlebell swings, I took out a 25 lb and an 18 lb as a backup. I didn’t need to switch to the 18 lb one. Then the other day we were doing wall balls. I’ve been using the 8 lb ball and am now thinking it’s about time to up that one to push myself some more.

    Thanks Coach Lucas! 🙂