Rest/Make Up Day

Stay active and enjoy this beautiful day!

A.M. On-Ramp still has openings, postponed until next week

P.M. On-Ramp SOLD OUT,  starts 7/20 watch for sign-ups for future programs

4 Responses to “Rest/Make Up Day

  • After the 1pm class, I embraced the suck and did deadlifts. Ya know, if heavy shit is on the ground, it should stay on the ground… especially if it has wheels…

    “Death by Deadlift (225#)
    10 Rounds (+8 spares)


    Tabata Row: 934 meters

  • For those of you who haven’t met the 1pm class, take a peek at their numbers on the white board! Meghan and Rob killed today’s WOD with some stellar times. The other day, Rob came close to Armando benching 215 five times!

    Run/Jump/Pull WOD from 7/15:

    Meghan: 15:54, Green Band Strict Pullups, 20″ box
    Rob: 15:34, Blue Band Kipping Pullups, 24″ box

  • Wendy
    13 years ago

    Oh my gosh..Meghan killed that wod!

  • WOD:
    Death by Squat
    20 rounds + 19