Enjoy the sunshine today- See y’all back at UF tomorrow–

Help spread the health bug……set a goal to tell 2 new people about Crossfit every day…….let’s help lead Northern KY into a lifestyle of fitness!

One Response to “REST DAY

  • Hope all is well at CrossFit NKY! I’ve been super busy and not been able to make it to a workout in way too long. But, I do tell everyone I know about CrossFit!

    Also, Armando, thank you for the coconuts. But… the meat is not soft enough. I am going to be in Wednesday morning for the 9 am WOD and will bring both kinds for a taste test. Don’t get me wrong, coconuts straight from Puerto Rico are awesome, and will be used in the near future, I am just looking for the “young” coconuts for what I need them for.

    Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend weather! (Also, the Life of Riley Foods website is still in the works…)