Abby's Delicious Dishes

Eating healthy is not always convenient so we would like to assist you-you may not know that our own Abby Knowles is a professional chef.  She has developed for us some paleo-friendly foods (that are quite delicious). There are a variety of items, pre packaged, ready to heat/eat. Meal #1 is stuffed chicken w/ hazelnut, squash and mushrooms $4.00 Meal #2 is spaghetti squash with meatballs & pesto $5.00 Meal #3 is Skinless Gyoza $3.00 Paleo Cookies If you are interested in this convenience for healthful meals or if you know someone who is, please tell us in the gym, email, or call Lucas.  All meals will be delivered to Crossfitnky for pick up at your convenience.

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