Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1

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8 Responses to “Monday

  • Stacy
    10 years ago

    Split Jerk

    • Great job Stacy!!!!!

      100#. Probably should’ve tried 105#

  • bridget
    10 years ago

    is there a mini-wod? i know its against Lucas’ philosophy, but i just want to know… 🙂

  • 275 PR, thanks Sam

  • Sandy R
    10 years ago

    Well everyone did great at 5:30 tonight! Should have had a bigger PR, we just tarted with too little weight.
    55-65-75-……too many attempts…115# new PR! Excited. I tried 120 with thrusters and failed, so will know where to start next time.

  • 190 PR. Great Job Doug who also got a 190 PR. John, decided to leave us…PR bar John….?
    Also got a 200# PR on a Clean!
    Great Job 6:30 people!

  • Tommy
    10 years ago

    255 push jerk pr. I had 260 locked out over my head but my legs were tired to support the weight.

  • Tommy
    10 years ago

    Marks weak lol