50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:

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6 Responses to “Monday

  • Karin
    12 years ago

    Between “Buddy Lee” not cooperating this morning and feeling the Toes to Bar from yesterday, I definitely did not PR today. But this is still one of my faves! 7:20

  • Jason
    12 years ago

    Last time I did this, it was all single unders in 9:43. Today, all DU and 11:48.

  • Stacy
    12 years ago

    10:02 for me…not a great time for me. Must be that extra hour of sleep I am missing. Great job Deanna and Gerald today!

  • MarCus
    12 years ago

    There is a first time for everything even for “Annie” … I wanted to do that workout for a long time and I am glad it finaly came along. My time was 13:42 not great but all Double unders and I feel good about that.
    Great job everyone at 5 am today Phil, Becky, Liz and Stacey who did his first warm up with us …welcome to the early Bird Team.

  • Buddy Lee was in a good mood today. 5:31, a new PR for me. Praying 12.4 has some double unders and some deadlifts. We shall see. Great job by the 5:30 crew.

  • SandyRobins
    12 years ago

    wow so i did all DU’s. and that in itself is an achievement. thanks for cheering me on jeff! great job 5;30 crew!
    my time i think was 14:57… not great but i worked for every second!