Todays workout was borrowed from CrossFit 336 and Modified.

WOD :”Super Bowl XLVI”

For every TD pass Tom Brady and Eli Manning  throws will be the number of rounds
Points the Giants score = amount of calories you row
Points the Pats score = amount of KB swings 53/35

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4 Responses to “Monday

  • Stacy
    12 years ago

    3 rds
    21 cal row
    17 kb swings 35#
    I managed to get a faulty rower this morning that wasn’t counting the cal correctly so my time of 12:16 is a little off…

  • I was 5:28 on this one. Thought I did pretty well until Doug and Armando smoked me like a cheap cigar. Great job by everyone at the 5:30 class. Has anybody seen Kyle since Saturday? 🙂

  • Tommy
    12 years ago

    Pulled a 4:31. Heather and I actually almost puked after this one. Nice job Evan, lindsay, Kim, jonny boy.

  • Kim D
    12 years ago

    Stacy I think your time was wayyyyyy off. Finished this in 7:3? That was a grueling 7 minutes!!! Nice job 6:30!!!