Front Squats 3-3-3-3-3

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* Winner of the Paleo Challenge Kyle S.

* If you are participating in the t-shirt exchange make sure to draw a name from the box.



8 thoughts on “Monday

  • 135, 145, 155, 165(PR), 175(PR). Finally figured out a decent form for this. The PR is over my 1 rep max from a month ago. The difference is amazing when you do the movement correctly.

  • Nice 5 am morning crew WOD 185 / 205 / 225 / 235 PR / 255 PR/ 275 PR 1x rep fail …. great working with Chris and having Phil by my side. Congrats Kyle S. on winning the Paleo Challenge.

  • Got up to 205 3X. Got 225 1X, which is a PR for me. Happy about that. Nice little mimi WOD, where the boys beat the girls. Great working out w/Doug and Sam.

  • Fun day. PR @ 225 2x. Way to crush your previous best Jeff. Awesome job by Nick and Sam. Muscle-ups still elusive…. URGH!!!

  • Got 120… again. I should expect no progress after taking a week and a half long break. Excited to see what today brings after my legs were punished yesterday.
    Awesome job everyone! By the way, any good ideas on where to get t-shirts from? I know it’s posted at the gym, but I can’t remember. Thanks!

  • 225 was old pr. My new pr came in at 255, not too shabby. As for the mini wod john l and I kicked some butt.

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