6 thoughts on “Monday

  • No comments at 8pm??? Ok, I will start……160#, could be a PR- I think so. There will be a 5am Wod on Tuesday, if you can’t sleep, come on in!! 🙂

  • Far from my old PR of 165#…..

    95-110-120-130-135ish, don’t think I went low enough on the last one.

    Great to see some 9am friends:)

    Great job Wendy!

  • 245-275-285(PR)-300(F)

    My back is still touchy so I was super focused on keeping the weight back. Unfortunately that took away from the explosion at the bottom. Still I walked away with a PR and my back intact, but I was a bit frustrated.

  • Thought I would be a lot weaker after almost a month out of the box, but pulled off a PR nonetheless.


  • 100-110-120-130-140-150PR-155F

    Laura Rush, I love you and you are awesome. Thanks for helpin’ a sista out. You did great today! I was happy to turn your frown upside down. 🙂

    Great job everyone!!

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