9 thoughts on “Monday

  • Took it easy today, but thankfully still feeling really good! It was a quiet 2pm class…just Zach & me!

    Up to 105×3 & quit before I was even close to failing.
    2:5? on the mini WOD…I’m pretty sure at least :30 of that time was spent getting down to the ground for push ups & up for squats 🙂

  • Great time with the 4:30 class today….so good to see Liz in the afternoon again!! Hey Liz & Lucas…what was the name of the magical shake, pancake, brownie mix you guys were talking about??? I know it was Beverly Hills….???? Good luck tomorrow Kyle!!

  • Way to kill it, Stacy. And Kristin, I’m cracking up, the visual on that getting up and down is great. You are a beast! I think my ass was sitting on the couch puffing up and retaining water and blah, blah, blah, about now. Hahaha keep up the good work!

  • Got up to 155#, which is good for me. Progress is being made. 1:20 on the mini wow. The 5:30 and 6:30 classes were killing the OHS’s.

  • Great to work with the 9am’ers on OHS. Stacy made 115# look like a feather!

    Made it to 100#x3, 2:54 on mini wod w 25#bar for air squats. Trying to burn off the baby-makin fat any way I can:)

    Kristin you are a machine! Can’t believe how close you are, so exciting!

  • 85×1 on the OHS. I need some serious work and possibly an MRI after my terrible performance on this one.

    Finished the Mini Wod in 1:34… I think.

    Great job everyone on the OHS. You guys killed it and looked great doing it.

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