“Share the Pain” week starts today!! All classes all week, Free! We are sharing the love with the community to see what we do and experience crossfit. Come once, come all week- we don’t mind.

Wods will not be posted this week, although comments are fine. We don’t want to deter anyone when they see the front page of the site.

10 Responses to “Monday

  • Great group this morning…… A short little AMRAP Wod……and a 5am visitor. Nice way to tackle a Monday morning.

    Be safe in your travels this week, MarCus
    Liz, see you at 5am tomorrow morning.

  • Liked this WOD this morning – short but intense!!! Hope to see Jon back again! See ya tomorrow Wendy

  • Marcus
    12 years ago

    Great 5 am with Wendy, liz and Phil ….. welcome Jon hope to see you back soon. Might be able to do a 5 am thursday before the flight let me know Wendy …otherwise see you guys when I get back.

  • Stacy
    12 years ago

    We had a visitor at 9am, Michael…great job and hope to see you again this week. Nice crowd for a Monday morning! I think Hamilton is going to become a regular. I know Ronan would like some more testosterone in the am w/ all the girl talk going on. LOL

  • Chrissy
    12 years ago

    Did this one with the 2:00 class. Lots of fun with Kike, Katrina, and Shannon. Great job guys!!

  • I only took two days off, but it felt like forever. Today was a good wod to get back into working out. 🙂

  • Rachel Rosing
    12 years ago

    That’s the kind of Monday WOD I like.
    3 rounds + Run
    Cooled down with Annie and got new PR. 9:09.
    Good job 4:30

  • Kristin
    12 years ago

    3 rounds and the run, but I only ran 1 200m…the rest were 100m.

    The 5:30 crew was looking really good today! It must have been the weather 🙂

  • Julie
    12 years ago

    Hmmm, a week of free Crossfit…supposed to wait a couple more weeks to recuperate but I might just have to drop on in to see what I can manage these days. Feels like it’s been forever.

  • Well I talked a few buddies (at least they were before this) into this one:

    8 Rounds:
    – 400 m run
    – 10 pull-ups
    – 15 Burpees
    – 30 sit-ups

    My time was 42:59 and this was an endurance pain that proved once again, I hate burpees.

    Jeff, heard you weren’t feeling to well. Hope you get better soon WODFather.