Classes will run as scheduled for Monday

5am- Kike



2pm– Cancelled





Todays wod:   CINDY

AMRAP in 20 minutes-  5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats


16 thoughts on “Monday

  • I went to the 6am at “810 Crossfit” this morning in Michigan. The wod was:
    AMRAP in 20 minutes:
    2 Muscle Ups
    4 HSPU
    8 KB swings
    I did a pretty cool modified version of MU and the HSPU were 2 ab mats. This was my first visit to another box. Pretty fun!

  • Got through 15 rounds of cindy today with red band pull ups. I feel like this was worse than a couple of months ago. Not sure if it was the heat or that my attendance has been spotty the last couple of weeks.

  • I am so ready to be back today-after work took over my life for a week. It’s possible I would have even been excited to run today, but Cindy is even better 🙂 See you guys this afternoon!!

  • One of my favorite workouts!! Cindy was my first WOD and I love her dearly!! Can’t wait until this afternoon!!!

  • A new PR for “Cindy” today 16 rds + 3 pull-ups Rxd. Might not sound like much but it feels good to look back and see the improvement from and early “Cindy” in 2010 w/ Red band and 15 rds. Nice having Hamilton join us at 9am this morning!

  • 21 rounds tonight Rxd. Thanks to Armando for pushing me and making sure my chest was out on my squats. Great job by everyone at 5:30.

  • 15 rounds. Slower than last time I did it and was rewarded with a nice rip on my hand!!! Had a great turn out for the 4:30 class. GREAT job everyone!

  • Guys’ is been pleasure to be your coach…Great JOB by everybody today…you guys are awesome!!!

    24 rnds plus pull-ups

  • Thanks for the tape and the pointers Armando! I only managed 10 rounds and 2 pull ups, but doubt I would have done even that without your pushing!
    Nice job 6:30!!!

  • 12 rounds plus 10 push-ups for me. Seems like I’m working real hard, but just not getting enough rounds. I think around my 11th round, I got delirious and couldn’t remember whether I’d already done my squats. Sad what old age does to a person.

    Must not rest between movements – it’s only 20 minutes, right? Will try harder next time…

  • I did the same as Armando divided by 2 plus 1! Armando you’re the best! Thank you for coaching us.
    Tired of life getting in my Crossfit way. Hopefully August will be different. Great to see everyone yesterday.

  • So, the good news is that I can still Rx Cindy…and we’ll just leave it at that 🙂

    I only got 8 rounds + 5 push ups-boo.

    I’m with Linda-life needs to quit getting the way of Crossfit!

  • 18 rds plus 3 pushups….not happy with this time around on this workout. Last time i was in the 20’s but my back didn’t want to cooperate this time.

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