10 thoughts on “Monday

  • 75, 95, 115, 135F, 135F. Unabled to keep good form on the heavier weight. Very frustrating. 4 rounds on the mini wod.

  • 65/75/85/95/100F Turned into a push press…mini WOD 3 rds + 7KTE. Hey I see the sun today!!!!

  • 95/115/125/135/135 was getting ugly in the 135 range so I stayed there. 4 rounds and run on the mini although the KTE’s were ugly….

  • got up to 165 without any pressing, but I still haven’t convinced myself to drop under the weight very much

    4 rounds on the mini-WOD with 95# for the snatches

  • Nice job on the 95 Stacy.
    4 rounds for the mini Wod and all the while sunshine!!!

  • It was fun working out with the ladies tonight at 5:30!

    55-60-65-70-75 and 3 rounds and some change on the mini WOD. I agree the sunshine was wonderful!

  • Nice work at 6:30 tonight. Laura said I had to keep going to fail, but I think that last one I did was close enough! 😉
    3 rounds on mini, still can’t run worth a hoot!
    Nothing is better medicine for a Monday than this!!!

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