In honor of the Reds sweep of the Brewers and in honor of Bryson’s win this weekend, today’s wod is:



*check our stats on the Crossfit games leaderboard- our athletes are lookin’ good!

*Burpee challenge!

18 thoughts on “Monday

  • I am glad the early crew was able to get this game in before the temperature fell, 70 degrees @ 5:00 am today. One of my favorite wod’s yet.
    4 bases plus push-ups and 100 meter run.

  • Baseball? Who has time for games, this is serious Burpee time! I have 864 Burpees to do over the next 9 days, that’s 4 burpees every hour of every day! I’m sad to miss today’s WOD!

  • I am with Bob on this one, nice to get the WOD done by 5:40am! enjoyed this one a lot, although freezing on the damn box jumps’s probably cost me a round. 3 plus 5 burpees.

  • Kim you bum me out… 4 every hour??? Uhg!!! Here is a lighter spin. ONLY 864 left to go. We have COMPLETED 4186!

  • One of my students asked me the other day, “what the heck is a Burpee?” A girl on the Volleyball team knew and she demonstrated! Hilarious. She said, “its because they make you throw up in your mouth a little bit…” HAHA. don’t they though!?!

  • My coworkers demanded to be shown a burpee last week…They’re kind of tough in heeled boots!

  • You guys are so dedicated to your burpees…doing them in class? in work shoes? MANIACS!!!!

  • In the spirit of honesty…it was just to demonstrate what one is. I’m not so awesome as those kickin’ butt in the challenge!

  • Let me just say that having these 90+ burpees fall at the same time as being sick is just NOT FUN! I will persevere though – no way I’m stopping now. This will be all the workout I get for today, because I can hardly do these without launching into a coughing fit.

  • Oh – hope you didnt think I was in the burpee challenge. i spent yesterday napping/reading/napping. no Burpees for me.

  • Fun workout tonight!

    The evening classes got do double under instead of run thanks to the rain!
    5 rounds plus 7 KTE’s
    All my pushups were chest to ground! They are getting easier. 🙂

    I left some Paleo muffins on the gym counter. Too many for one person to eat… Feel free to grab one after your workout.

  • Fun baseball game tonight. Had to do single under instead of running. Managed to get 4 runs in for the home team! Felt pretty good tonight.

    Karin, muffins were great, I was telling Stacy about how good your muffin was! LOL!

  • Fun WOD tonight, felt good to be back after a 3 day hiatus!
    4 rounds plus all my push-ups and 17 single-unders
    Single-unders you ask? Why yes because today I did REAL PEOPLE push-ups in my wod(they weren’t pretty but it’s a start)!!! And finally used a 35#kb!!! AND…did my pull-ups with NO band (in sets of two)!!!
    Epic wod for me today!!! 🙂

    Karin—> Your muffins were delicious! Thank you!
    Great job per usual 5:30!!!

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