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  • doing this one at home, had a ton of homework to do! will post rounds later, see all you 5:30ers wed!

  • 17 rounds for me (on the money). Graduated to the purple band for my HSPUs. These were more challenging than the red band, but I think I’ll move to the wall before long. Nice crowd at 5:30.

  • 13 rounds (plus hspu, sit ups, 5 squats)
    Still a bit limited on the HSPU movement, all GHDs (regrets in the morning, I’m sure), squats were the rest station for me.

  • 15 rounds plus 1 Measley little sit up!

    I didn’t do a lot of rounds but tried to focus on getting low on hspu and squats after a lil chat with MegHan, Lola and Ben last night…Hi if you’re stalking the nky page 🙂 the hspu actually felt like I was really moving myself!!

    Mod on hspu with plate and mat.

    Not the best but I liked this WOD and had great company with the 530 crew 🙂

  • Did my 38 burpees and practiced double unders. Did much better today w/those. Very tired, 3 hrs. of sleep over the past 2 days. Will have to make this wod up on Thursday. Did manage some deadlifts, some hang cleans and some pulls ups. It’s 9:20 a.m. in Manila and I’m calling it a day. Great results by everyone today.

  • 13 rounds even on this one for me. One day I dream of being on the wall for a real HSPU with the big kids…
    Until then I focused on form and felt better with my squats. Getting there! Wish I had done the GHD for this, I think I would have felt better for feeling like I got my @$$ kicked after 13 (modified) rounds. Great job by all at 6:30!

    Hey Jeff, get some rest dude!!!!

  • The only success for me in today’s WOD was that I did it fully prescribed. I did the kipping handstand push-ups. Not positive of my round total but think it was only around 11. That just means there is lots of room for improvement!

  • Couldn’t make it in tonight but after hours of homework I did 13 rounds + 3 modified hspus in my basement…Found that I was nowhere near as motivated as I am when I’m there with everyone. But still a great WOD. I was looking forward to some squats after missing “death by…” last week. Great job everyone!

  • Liz….sorry you got the monkey-butt!! You should have used that mat!! Thanks for setting the pace today – No way I could keep up with you, but I was happy that I rx’d with 21 rds + 11 squats!! Way to go Ryan on your first WOD!!!

  • The 4:30 class had three peope with 20 rounds or better! I thought I tore it up with 17 rounds and 14 squats until I saw the board. Liz, Melissa and Kyle were maniacs!

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