~Burpee Day 29

~Week Three of the Paleo Challenge

~Day One of the four week CrossFit Boot Camp


Push Press 3-3-3-3-3

Post loads to comments.

Crossfit NKY and Peak Performance pair up!

Crossfit Northern Kentucky is pairing up with Peak Performance Sports Therapy to loosen up! Crossfit is functional fitness exercise that works your entire body into an elite state and the Active Release Therapy offered by Andy Shetterly, L.M.T,is just the thing these athletes need.

“Our Crossfitters work their bodies like machines, day in and day out, to be able to perform daily activity (and beyond) to their optimum abilities. Peak Performance uses their specialized hands on approach to keep my athletes loose and increase their range of motion.” said Lucas Vega, CrossfitNKY owner.
We want to keep our clients healthy and as with any injury, soreness, or tightness, recovery is an important facet. If not properly managed it will limit the athlete’s ability to perform. Optimum training is only achieved when training without injury or pain.
At Crossfit Northern Kentucky we do more than just workout each day, our clients look forward to the challenges we have in store for them and they have made the conscious choice to live an all-around healthy lifestyle.

Don’t forget this Wednesday, 15minute sessions with Andy, 4-7pm!

23 Responses to “Monday

  • Not to rub it in P.M. peeps, but I’m glad to have my WOD done already! What a great way to start a Monday!! Surprised to see Wendy and had fun with the mini WOD.

  • What a way to start the week….5:00a.m. class! Push press 75-80-85-90-95. Interesting mini WOD!! Great to see Wendy this morning!

  • We’ve individually worked with Andy and had him out for a workshop before, and this guy knows his stuff. I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity…

  • Push Presses 135, 155, 175, 185, and 205 PR. Nice little workout today! Love getting some lifting in!

  • wendy
    13 years ago

    Thanks for your positive input Stephen! Some of us have used him too-We hope to see many others take advantage of his great hands on Wendesday, as well 🙂

  • megHan
    13 years ago

    see you cats tonight!

  • Chrissy
    13 years ago

    I want to know what this “interesting MINI WOD” is! I’m going to be in suspense all day now! Thanks Liz! haha

  • Healy
    13 years ago

    Glad to be back this morning after a couple days off due to illness. Push Press 135,155,175,185,205,215PR.

  • wendy
    13 years ago

    5am, Wendy who? Yep, me! A nice change of pace this morning, new faces, 2nd wod in a row paired up with Liz…
    Not my best Push Press, there’s something to be said about strength and higher pain tolerance as the day goes on…80-85-95-105F-100×2
    Mini wod included 39 KB swings, 9 pullups, 25 pushups (I only know this because I am a compulsive counter) 🙂

  • megHan
    13 years ago

    ok, so i don’t know how to upload the video but this is too good! go to crossfit journal and search for the video: Retooling Jason Khalipa’s Handstand Push-Up!!! i love this Carl guy!

  • Chrissy
    13 years ago

    wendy you guys gotta post the pictures from the last few wods up here! I’m interested to see our faces from fridays workout, they couldn’t have been pretty ones! 🙂

  • stacy
    13 years ago

    Not my strongest Push Press day but it is better than any day at a “globo gym”!
    85/95/105 x 3
    Nice to have some friendly faces at the 9am!

  • Yeah pics would be cool! Also Lucas can you paste a link to the Peak Performance website? Would like to check these guys out…..

  • Adam – I think this is the link to Peak Performance –
    I was curious so I googled it, and found this.

  • stacy
    13 years ago

    I’ve had 2 sessions with Andy at Peak Performance and Highly recommend him!

  • Chris C
    13 years ago

    Adam, I saw your post the other day about trying to lift and just didnt feel right! Well i experienced that today with the Push Presses. So I have a big DNF for today. On the 2nd rep it just didnt feel right so I set it down, and glad I did.

    So hopefully I caught before anything real bad happened. Live to work out another day.

  • Had some 5:30 fun tonight with a great crew. Chrissy – fun workin’ the push-press with you. You did fantastic 🙂
    75-80-85-90 – failed at 95

    Jeremy – I will out-do you someday on that plank. All-in-all, great mini-wod.
    Great to see Randi coming in at 6:30 too!

  • Melissa
    13 years ago

    Really enjoyed the 4:30 class today…it was great working out with Bridgette, Sean,Zac, Meghan, Kyle, Chris & Ron Jeremy (oops, I mean Matt)! Seriously Matt…we love the mustache!!!

  • Kristin
    13 years ago

    Fun with the 5:30 crew as usual & Chrissy and I had fun with the mini wod after she figured it out 😉

    Push Press:
    65-75-85-95 x3

    I’m supposed to traveling the east coast this week so I won’t see you guys until Saturday unless my flights are canceled…so enjoy the week!

  • Jeremy
    13 years ago

    Had a great time with the 5:30 class. You guys are maniacs!! Hit 195 on the push press only twice. 10 pounds up from last time though so hey its cool. Awesome mini-wod especially with TONI THE CRAZY BAKER!!! You are ridiculous…..oh and was classic to see Matt engage the power of the mustache (PIMP)

    Have a safe trip Jeff and also Kristin.

  • Kim D
    13 years ago

    Lot’s of determination from Randi and Mandy!
    Fun min wod after, 35 KB, 13 pull ups (green band) and 22 push ups. I did the pushups chest to ground on my knees, missed having megHan there to help me with the form!!!
    Great effort by everyone at 6:30!

  • Randi
    13 years ago

    PR’d on a 500m row as a little warmup! 1:58! Noooo idea where that came from! I’ve never pulled under 2mins before. woohoo!

    I’m a little behind everyone on my burpee challenge. It’s day 6 for me so I fit those in there before the workout too.

    Push press 45-55-70-80-90F-85×2

    Great work 6:30 on the mini-wod!

    Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to make the 5am class… we’ll see!

  • Jason
    13 years ago

    hit 150 on the push press. didin’t have a max before and was pretty happy with it. good group at 9am