There’s no better way to start the year!!



Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

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Here are some pictures from the past year.Β  These are the people that make CrossfitNKY such a great place!!

28 thoughts on “Monday

  • Anyone want to join me in the 100 day burpee challenge? do 1 today, 2 tomorrow etc for 100 days! if u miss a day u have to do those burpees plus that days burpees too….100 days ought to lead you right up to spring break….3…2…1..go:)

  • What a way to start the freaking year?!!!

    225lb split jerk
    And I chased Jarrett and came up with a 5:26 Fran too…first time for that workout.

    Burpee challenge sounds fun…I’m in.

  • Burpee Challenge 2011 – I’m in!

    WOW Adam and Jarrett ~ 5:26 on the Fran = AWESOME!!!!

    I was just a tad behind you with 9:30 something (45 lbs. and bands…)

  • My comments have not been posting lately (depending on were I send from), let’s see if this one goes through…
    Despite the math contribution from Burpee Boy, please count me in on challenge Wendy!

  • I’m in on the burpee challenge.
    Alex, are you adding it onto your Mikko Salo 30min of DU’s a day?

  • 205 on the Split Jerks, and that was a big improvement for me. Great Job 6am on Fran! RX’d Fran but I was the caboose at 6am with 10:17 I think.

  • Split Jerks
    8:57 Rx’d Yes the pull-ups killed my time but I’m still proud to say this was my first Rx’d “Fran”!

  • I’m in for the burpee challenge too & started today.

    My first rx’d Fran, too Stacey! My time was 9:24…much room for improvement, but I’ll take it.

    I was really happy with my new split jerk PR @ 135# πŸ™‚

  • Not so hot on the split jerks…….”be explosive”….115#
    Rx’d Fran at 6:45!
    Extreme energy at the box tonight- lots of renewed people, with renewed goals, and eyes on the prize…..motivate each other one day at a time!

  • Finally Alex, showing some enthusiasm about it! You were like a celebrity mobbed by the paparazzi tonight!!!! (I blinked so I almost missed it ;))

  • Wow! Wendy’s right – the energy tonight was amazing. Like several others, I Rx’d Fran for the first time. I was the caboose for 5:30 (like Chris at 6 AM), coming in at 10:14. My pull-ups need serious help, but I’m still floating just for Rx-ing the thing!
    Push jerks need some work too, failed at 80#, but I’ll keep at it. Great job, Traci – you were amazing on those PJs.
    Thanks so much everyone for cheering me through to the end on Fran — THIS is why I love this place!

  • And I said to Alex…”are you going to work out tonight or what?” Mind you he was there for the 4:30 class, it must have taken him that long to prep for that kind of time. Great seeing everyone in the evening class again! Back to am tomorrow…

  • I guess I’m the caboose on this one…..I’m in for the burpees!! (I’m glad no one is at work yet….I’m sure I’m looking a little silly poppin’ up in my cubicle! πŸ™‚

  • LOL Liz!
    Ok, I figured out that my posting at home does not go through, but I can from work. Go figure…
    New PR last night on the split jerk, 105. Fran was brutal, I managed 55# with green/purple bands but have no clue what my time was except LOOONNNGGGGG.

  • Lots of PRs yesterday…great work everyone!

    p.s. only Fran could get 28 comments on the message board…attention wh*re πŸ™‚

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