Warm up:
Row 500m or Bike 20 Cal
5 Walkout on Hands
10 Spiderman Lunges
10 Scorpians
10 Lower Back Twists (20 Total) (rotating hands and head)
10 Broad Jumps into a Squat
10 Shoulder Pass Thrus with PVC
10 OHS

Beginner/Intermediate 2-3 Minute Double Under Practice
Advanced 2-3 Minute Triple Under Practice

100m Sprint Rest 1 Min
200m Sprint Rest 2 Min
400m Run (approx. 80% effort) Rest 3 Min
200m Sprint Rest 2 Min
Sprint 100m

1000m row
50 wallballs 20/14
500m row
35 wallballs
250m row
20 wallballs

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