Warm Up:

Group Warm Up – 5 Minutes
then complete the following:
Skills Transfer – 2 Rounds with an empty bar
3x Snatch Push Press
3x OHS
3x Pressing Snatch Balance
3x Heaving Snatch Balance
3x Snatch Balance – Aggressive dip and drive under the bar

1x Snatch Balance + 1x Snatch OHS = 1 Rep; Find 1RM
then complete the following:
1x @ 95%
1x @ 90%

Pause Back Squats
then complete the following:
3x @ 95%
3x @ 90%

10-8-6-4-2 Manmakers 45/25
**Between sets complete suicide style run outside; Start on 1 end of building, sprint to middle of building and back to start then full length of building and back…on to next set.

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