14 thoughts on “Monday

  • Won’t have a chance to make it in today, so I did my own WOD

    left arm snatch, right arm snatch
    time: 6:02

  • Deadlifts
    150/160/170/175/180 X 3
    Great job, Kristin 🙂

    Mini-WOD: 6:38 (I think)
    Jeff was AMAZING!
    Nice turnout for 5:30

  • 165/185/205/225/235


    Mini wod–4:57

    Also I know I posted about this a while ago, but The lady that has the head bands (sweaty band knock-offs AKA headbands that don’t fall of your head) and she said that If anyone is interested, go ahead and order what you want online at her website http://www.cambands.etsy.com and just put next to your name that you are from crossfit NKY. That way you can just pay for the headbands and not shipping. She will either bring the entire order to me and I will bring it in or bring it to the gym herself!!!!!

  • 150/160/170/175/180

    Ugh, do I hate this lift more than any other! Thanks to Toni, Lola & Lucas for all of the coaching & encouragement…these are so hard for me!

    5:53? on the mini wod @ 115#

    Alicia-that is some weight girl! Great job! And, I’ll be ordering my head bands soon 🙂

  • 170/180/190/200/210 (and 215×1)
    Nice to work with Julie on the bar tonight.

    Mini-wod 4:03 at 135#- Great vibes in the box tonight, definitely a full house….thanks for your patience everyone as the mini-wod had 3 heats!

    Hey 235, I’ll be ordering headbands soon, as well- thanks for the info:)

  • What a great 5:30 class!

    Way to pass your 3-rep PR Wendy, I had put on two 5#ers, so you did 220#!

    Mini wod 4:17 w/ 135# and step-ups

  • Wow! Amazing numbers, much higher than mine but I did knock out my one rep max from last month so I will take it! 115/125/135/145/150 (1 rep)
    Mini wod 5:57 with 95#.

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