Skills:  Hollow Hold to Superman

  • 6 EMOM – 6 HH and 6 SM with 3 sec hold each skill performed on the ground
  • 3 EMOM – 3 HH and 3 SM with 3 sec hold each from the bar

**Make sure shoulder blades are off the ground, lower back is touching the floor and toes are pointed.  It is very important that you tighten your core (in layman terms the core is your butt, your back, your abs, and hip muscles)  During the superman the core muscles should also be tightened.
**Maintain control from hollow hold and superman on the bar and/or rings


     Starting at 60% of 1rm snatch

  • 1 hang high pull + 2 power snatch + 1 hang snatch
    (Elbows high n outside)


  • 4000lb G2O must be snatch though
    @2000 lbs run 800m

Tip: What this video with Coach Carl Paoli on Toes to Bar progression.

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