WOD: OLY WOD (posted on the whiteboard)

CrossFit Northern Kentucky Daily WOD: ( This workout is not in addition to the Oly lifting workout of the day)

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps (yes we have METCOM for you :)..)

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8 Responses to “Monday!!

  • Double C
    11 years ago

    Great working with Adam and Phil this morning. What an awesome group at 5am. What else would you be doing at that time!

    • Melissa
      11 years ago

      haha-don’t you feel great having your workout done by 6 am though?

      • Double C
        11 years ago

        Yes I do. Its that nap in the afternoon that kills me!

  • Jason
    11 years ago

    Good work on the olympic movements today. Starting to get more comfortable with them. Upped my front squat PR by 20 pounds today and did it 3 times! Form makes all the difference.

  • Got to workout with the fire breathers at the 9:00 am class such as Niki and Stacy. Did the Oly lifting and a nice ab cool down. Liked it so much that I went back at 4:30 and worked out w/Jeremy, Chad and the rest of the 4:30 studs.

    • Thomas Hodges
      11 years ago

      2 workouts a day what beast. I’m calling your job and telling them you have too much time on your hands 🙂 ( just kidding) Love the new shoes I’m jealous

      I did the OLY training today and then set up a bar with 65 lbs and worked on the snatch form.

      Also did a few GHDs Cause a few GHDs a day will….
      hopefully make them more comfortable. 🙂

    • Stacy
      11 years ago

      Hey that is what superman does or is it wodfather…did you lift again or do the Metcon?