6 thoughts on “Monday

  • 4 Rounds + push ups + a run to second.

    Running to 3rd base and THEN burpees?? WTF?

    I remember the days when it took dinner and a movie to get to 3rd base.
    No burpees were involved. 🙂

  • I scored 4 runs (and I think I was an RBI for Karin as she hit me in and kept on runnin’….)

    In addition to my run, I scored an addit’l 10 pushups-

    BTW- our dugout exercises were situps/KB/wallballs/thrusters

  • Fun WOD!

    Scored 4 runs plus run, pushups, run, squats.

    Wendy nice job on your pushups tonight! You rock!!

  • Wow – you all kicked butt. I scored 4 runs and a run to first and that took everything I had.

    Our dugout exercises were – pullups/sit-ups/wall balls/thrusters.

  • 4 runs and slide into home to make it in time.

    dugout pull-ups/sit-ups/wall balls/thrusters.

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