WOD: Back Squats 5-3-2-1-1

Three rounds of:
15 med ball cleans
15 kb swings

Post loads and time to comments.

Wednesday July 4TH only one class 10am!

6 Responses to “Monday

  • Jason
    12 years ago

    Back Squats 165-195-205-215-225

    4:50 on the mini Wod

    Good to see new faces at 6am!

  • Stacy
    12 years ago

    Back Squats-135-145-165-200-205PR
    4:13 mini WOD
    Great job to the new girls this morning!

  • David
    12 years ago

    315 pr 4:17 on the mini wod. Great job today everyone!

  • Worked up to 275# on the back squats. 3:41 on the mini WOD with a 70lb KB. Saw a few other folks increasing the KB weight for this WOD. Great job by all.

  • Thomas
    12 years ago

    Did the 70lb on K.B.S. that weight just takes you where ever it wants to go like a bad dog or something. I only got up to 260 on the back squat legs were sore from doing spartucus workout on Sunday with the wife. Good job to all those that lifted more than prescribed, and good job on wodfater kicking all our butts :).

    Oh and I finally got 10 D.U.s in a row those are tiring I think at least 4 S.U. if not 5 or 6 = 1 D.U.