15 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  • Even at the 5am, the temperature was steamy!! All I remember is after round 2, I said “Liz, this is gonna be a looonnggg 20 minutes!”. 🙂

    11 rounds plus 3 thrusters
    Great start to a great week everyone! We are blessed!

  • Great 5am class this morning! And I was sweating before we even started the WOD 🙂 Good seeing ya Toni! 8 rounds + thrusters

  • Man, Wendy and Liz are animals! I managed 7 rounds, plus 6 SDHP – Rx’d at least. And here I thought 5 AM would bring some relief to the heat… NOT!

  • Posting a big DNF for this one. SUCKS!!

    6 rds plus thrusters and HPC

    Tweaked my back on the SDHP around rd 4 and stopped with about 5 min left to prevent any more damage. I need to work on my form for those with a bar. Using my arms too much. Back should be ok though.

  • Man, this one is gonna hurt! Good luck to everyone today. At least the weather is going to help….. RIGHT!

  • Hey Paul, Chris and I left 2 beach towels at your pool party. Can you bring them to the gym next time you are in? One is blue, thanks.

  • This is a good one …its the right wake up call for 5 am great job everybody. I felt great with my 8 rounds plus 4 Thrusters and than I saw Wendy’s 11 …..plus 3 Thrusters. Awesome effort by everyone ….can’t wait for tomorrow.

  • Phil, I know you are reading these! It’s ok man, you can post on here, you have earned it!

  • Phil is reading these? Then let me remind him that he is AWESOME! You do great work at every Wod and push yourself more than you ever thought you could! Keep it up man, good things are coming your way!

  • AMRAP in 20 minutes:
    5 thrusters 65#
    7 HPC
    10 SDHP

    7rd + 2 thrusters. This was tough. Joined Shannon at 2pm. Great job Wendy you killed this one!

  • This one was awesome! Loved it!
    Finished with 7 rds + 5 thrusters and 7 hpc’s
    Great job 4:30!

  • 8 rounds and 3 hpc. Great job everyone! This was a tough one! Liked this one a lot more than I thought I would! Just need to get that ass lower..as usual:)

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