Today – Licensed Massage Therapist:   Mark Chisenhall from The Pain Reliver will be giving a 15 minute presentation followed by  FREE massages to all members from 5:00pm-? 

Starting February 4th we will start our Beginner Crossfit Bootcamp at 10:00am and 7:30pm. More details to come soon!

6 Responses to “HAPPY MLK DAY!

  • 4:56 rx’d focused on unbroken and a steady pace on my burpee’s.
    Great to meet some more 6am peeps!
    gearing up for the barbell blitz

    Feel better Faye. 🙁

  • 5:31 yeah the 6am was a little light this morning. Good luck this weekend.

  • 5:39 rxd I think…great job everyone!

  • Practiced for the blitz w/Melissa. Getting better, but still work to do. The OHS squats are mocking me. Did manage to bench press 205 five times.

    • Awesome job last night Jeff. Heavy ohs mock me too!
      On the wod I finished in 5:04 I think with 75 lbs and it wore me out!

  • I Think I did 7:22 Rx’d on the WOD. I know I could do better.
    Melissa crushed it. Awesome job everybody.

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