Friday-Share the Pain day 5

Get your workout in before you head into your holiday weekend. The schedule is as follows:
Friday 5a,6a,9a,2p,430p,530p
Saturday 10am and 11am
Sunday closed…rest day
Monday. 11am ONLY
Resume normal class times Tuesday

If you were a visitor this week, please post a comment today about your experience- who brought you, how was your workout- (your first comment will not show up immediately, don’t worry, it will post later in the day)

12 Responses to “Friday-Share the Pain day 5

  • 5am Phil, Liz, and I did a team Wod this morning and we all became quickly attached to our extra 14lbs that went EVERYWHERE with us! :).

  • cannot feel my shoulders….

  • Hamilton
    12 years ago

    That was a fun one… gasser, but fun! Great job 9am class. Way to keep me moving Adam. Also, welcome to CrossFit Melinda.. she went to the 6am class and loved it… hope to see you back up here.


  • Kim D
    12 years ago

    The highlight to my Friday’s is getting in and waking up my muscles that have been sleeping since Monday’s WOD! See you at 6:30!

  • Kristen R
    12 years ago

    I tried Crossfit for the first time this week on Saturday and again on Wednesday with Kristin Guerra. It was a great workout both days and I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks Lucas!

  • thanks wendy and liz for towing the anchor. I couldn’t have made it without you. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND every one.

  • Some stretching, about 4 med ball cleans and about 6 pull ups. Also ran about 100M. Great to be back at the box!

  • Nice teaming with Jill tonight. We got through this in under 39 minutes, which was our goal. This one is a lot tougher than it looks! As for Jeff, I’ve got my eye on you! You weren’t supposed to do ANYTHING today. You don’t want any of THIS, let me tell you that right now!

  • Kristin
    12 years ago

    Great to have you back Mr. Baker!

    I really liked this WOD even though I did my own version of it…

    Did everything with 14# med ball, but only ran 2x200m instead of 800m and no sit ups.

    Santi and I were on a team, except only I did 50 of everything else on the list 🙂 36?? I think. BTW 50 med ball cleans are the devil!

    Kristen-I’m so glad you came this week…we hope you come back for more after your vaca!

  • Had a great time Fri afternoon. Thought Cinci area was going to provide a respite from the heat in Houston, but not really the case. Mike, thanks for partnering with me! Lucas, thanks for your hospitality! You have a nice box with a solid community. Stop by Atomic any time you’re in Houston. See you on Sat.

  • Adam D.
    12 years ago

    WOW…..this one took me to the brink! Are you sure that wasn’t a 50# med ball Lucas? Chris….thanks for carrying MORE than 50% of the workload, and great to meet the 9am group for the first time!

  • Adam D.
    12 years ago

    ….and congratulations to finishing your first workout Michael R.! Hope you enjoyed it, your not too sore, and you’ll comeback and try it again.