4 thoughts on “Friday!

  • Managed this one in 10 flat RXed. Good little leg workout that sneaks up on you until the final row.

  • Fun at Five. 5am that is…. time 8:22. Nice to see the 5am crew, as always, and great job by all.

  • Big crowds at 4:30 and 5:30. 7:43 on this one. That last row was rough. Thanks for the motivation Tommy. Looking forward to a nice Saturday WOD.

  • His was our first group workout. Did it as a couple(group) in 10:30. I did 8:30 with only one set of rows. Can’t lie, it kicked our butts, but I feel like I cheated not doing the 2nd 500m.
    Did the Saturday freeby also. Omg so fun but in so much pain!
    Looking forward to Monday!!

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