Five rounds for time of:

50 walking lunges

15 Hand Stand Push Ups

Post time to comments.

Fun with planks on “REST DAY”

Next Monday begins “Share the Pain” week! share it with your friends! The whole week is free, just like the Saturday wods but your friends and family can come for a whole week without commitment! We know if you make it thru the week, you’ll be hooked.


Saturday workout-FREE-10am and 11am-be there and bring your friends!!

12 Responses to “Friday

  • Rachel Rosing
    12 years ago

    Happy Friday fam!!!

  • One of my two favorite things to do! 5:00 a.m. class was well represented!

  • Marcus
    12 years ago

    Sorry I missed the 5 am I needed a day of rest see you guys for the Saturday Beat down.

  • Adam F.
    12 years ago

    This one could be my favorite workout of all time…..Liz you are an animal by the way! awesome!

  • Adam D.
    12 years ago

    Love the planks! Felt good to get back to it today! One month off + bringing up the rear on finish time = lotsa work to do! Happy Friday Ya’ll!

  • That’s a LOT-O HSPU’s!

  • No crossfit for a while. 🙁 Couldn’t breathe during Wednesdays WOD. Feels like a broken rib, but the x-rays came back negative. Oh well. Just have to ride it out. Hopefully I’ll see you guys soon.

  • WodFather, my beastly mentor….this is sad.

    Joined the 2pm class again today. Fun class as usual. Manages 23:18? or so.
    So many HSPU. Used two plates and a mat for the whole thing so I am happy with the results. Thanks for the encouragement Kike and great job/good luck to everyone else today!

  • Frank
    12 years ago

    Linda and I did today’s WOD in the sand at Siesta Key, FL. Linda modified HSPU from a chaise Lounger. I did mine from a concrete retaining wall. I think lunges were upscaled with the sand, though. Linda – 11:49. Frank – 14:52. Sunbathers must have never seen CrossFit.

  • Chrissy
    12 years ago

    This one was a killer on the legs! Had a lot of fun with the 2:00 class!
    Finished in 21:?? I think. Great job today everyone!!

  • Melissa
    12 years ago

    Love this WOD…even though I probably won’t be able to walk for a few days!! Jeff, so sorry to hear about your injury – it really sucks to not be able to Crossfit!! And Kyle…hope you’re doing well & that your back is healing and feeling better. Enjoyed working out with Jill & John!!! 🙂

  • Frank
    12 years ago

    I have to admit that this is a completely different WOD when hspu are not Rx’d. Maybe we should do 2x or 3x if we scale on those. Jeff, hope you feel better soon.