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  • Strength training hasnt been my thing lately. Metcons are getting faster but I’m not getting stronger.
    Push Press 45-65-75-85-95-100F

    Not so “mini wod” was fantastic! Looks like Lucas brought back some new ideas from California

  • I really need to work on my strength training. It’s too bad I won’t be able to make it to this one today.

    Maybe I will be able to make it up sometime next week.

  • PPx3 145-155-165-175(x1). Fun miniWOD after. I agree with you Wendy, it was not so “mini”. It was a gasser! Great job Wendy and Frank!

  • 95, 115, 135, 155PR, 165F. Probably could have got 165, but was gassed. The second wod of the morning burned up what was left of my shoulders. Good times!

  • Windy City Crossfit this morning
    60 secs max box jumps 30″ box
    12 min amrap
    20 walking lunges
    5 L-pullups

    Kyle: 25 box jumps
    10 rounds Rx’d
    Stephanie: 20, 24″ box
    9 rounds (ring rows)

    Not sure what lindsey and Evan got but we represented the NKY well!!

  • 135-155-175-195-205PR!!! All three reps successful

    Probably should have shot for 225 but doubt i had three in me. My last go round with the PP’s i maxed out at 185 so very happy with the improvement. The mini WOD was a blast. Different excercises are always cool!!

  • Push Press 5×3
    Also all straight DUs on the mini WOD, no more single, single, double!!! Good thing Kim can count because I was too focused on keeping my arms moving…

  • First I want to thank everyone for your encouragement today and staying until I finished – that was awesome! I love the camaraderie!

    The 5:30 class was by far the hardest yet in my three weeks at Crossfit. I was all excited for the “mini wod”, but noooooo we got SLAMMED (Thanks Lucas).

    Call me a girly girl, but I thought sweat dripping off your nose was a “man” thing. I could have filled a bucket!

    IT HURTS SO GOOD!!!!! Hope I can walk tomorrow.

  • Wendy-I think you’re getting leaner & therefore getting faster & possibly not picking up strength as quickly?? I’m no expert, but you’re lookin’ good girl 🙂

    Push Presses
    65-75-85-95 x3 105×1

    On the WOD I subbed sled pushes instead of rope pulls-decided they probably weren’t a good idea…other than that rx’d in 21:13 I think.

    Cathy-glad you enjoyed the sweat nose drops. Anywhere else it’s gross, but it feels so good when you’re at CF 🙂

    Also, I am working right now @ 9pm on a Friday night (lame, I know)-so I hope everyone has a blast at Kim’s celebration! There is so much to celebrate…you rock, lady!!!!

  • This was a great one!
    Push Press 55-65-75-85-95F-90

    Crazy “mini” WOD and great efforts by all at 4:30 and 5:30! See you all Saturday 🙂

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