3 rounds for time of:

15 Front Squats

15 Burpee Pull-Ups

Post time to comments.

13 Responses to “Friday

  • Megan S.
    13 years ago

    Wow.. I will not be sad to miss Burpee Pull-Ups. Good luck today everyone!

  • Rachel Rosing
    13 years ago

    Wow. Why am I so excited for this WOD? I think I’ve lost my mind…

  • Sarah
    13 years ago

    I think burpee pull ups may be my favorite thing! I was super nervous before this Wod and I loved it. Still need to work on getting my butt down during the Squats but really enjoyed our 6am class! Good job everyone

  • Linda
    13 years ago

    The fresh cool air at the 5:00am class was good. Great working with Phil, Mar Cus, and Frank. It was tough doing the hot, sticky 4:30pm class last night. Sweet of Frank to go with me even though he’d already went earlier in the day. Have a great weekend all.

  • Jason
    13 years ago

    Started this one at 105 on the front squat, but quickly dropped to 95. Finished 20 seconds or so after Sarah. Legs are going to feel this one tomorrow.

  • Marcus
    13 years ago

    Great Job everyone at the 5 am Class, that’s awesome Frank ..2’a days and than another 5 am the following day respect, respect. Phil its always great to see you and you are a key motivation for me …after all you have been there since day one for me.
    Great time Linda …I loved that fresh brisk air as well.
    Feel better after todays workout …Looking forward to my next “Helen” I was not happy with my performance yesterday.

  • Stacy
    13 years ago

    3 rounds for time of:
    15 Front Squats 95#
    15 Burpee Pull-Ups
    17:22 Rx’d
    The front squats were REALLY heavy for this one and it showed with my time. But I finished RX’D! Great job 9am!!!

  • Kim D
    13 years ago

    This looks great. I just can’t wait to see how much more “up” I can get out of my “burpee pulls” tonight!

  • Rx’d this one but felt weak. Liz kindly pointed out my terrible form on my front squats and gave me some great advice. Thank you for that Liz! Also, thanks for the encouragement to keep moving Drew. Great job 4:30 class, killed it.
    Time 15:20ish

  • Hamilton
    13 years ago

    Nice way to start off a Friday night!!! 3rd round FS’ killed me…

    Great job everyone!

    11:11 RX’d

  • Great 4:30 class today!! Time 10:39. And I wasn’t a bad ass like I thought – 80# on the front squats….not 85# (I can’t add!!)

  • I only managed 75# on the front squats, and I don’t even know what my time was. I do know that out of 45 burpee pull-ups, I managed to do all but 3 of them without a kip. Granted, the movement was like “burpee, pause, jump, pull-up (dead hang)” – but they felt strong, anyway!

    Laura – you rocked it – way to go the full weight on the squats – and just think, you only just got your pull-ups and you’re AMAZING!

    Thanks for all the encouragement – Rachel, Lubers X 2, Tommy – 5:30 was awesome!

  • Kristin
    13 years ago

    Lucas was very generous in giving me a ‘rx’d’ next to my name, but those were not burpee pull ups that I did…more like burpee, kip, pull up.

    With 95# front squats my time was ~15:50

    Great work by all at 4:30!