Happy Birthday Doug!!!


Team wod

2 person teams
One teammate runs 400 meters while the other does max reps push-ups, deadlifts 185#/155#, wall ball 20/14.
Run 400 meters
Max Push-ups
Run 400 meters
Max Deadlifts 185#/155#
Run 400 meters
Wall ball 20/14
Scoring is based on time minus the max reps for each team. Max reps are counted as 1 rep=1sec for scoring purposes. Post lowest time to scoring.


10 thoughts on “Friday

  • Happy BD Doug!

    Good work 6am! This was a fun WOD. Teamed with Sarah for the WOD. Pretty sure I made her do way more reps than me cause of my slow runs. 1st week back is almost in the books though and the foam roller is the devil right now. Legs are trashed, but I love it!

    12:43 time if I remember correctly

  • 13:04 with my math! Kind of worked on my own but would use whoever was taking off when I returned from my run to determine reps.
    21 push-ups (arms still fried from Wed)
    35 95# DL
    30 16# WB

    Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone and Happy Bday to Doug!

  • Thanks for the B-day wishes everybody. Wish I had been able to do the team WOD today… Instead did 29 burpees for my birthday… Oh yeah and 23 more for good measure!! Time: 2:55… Whew! Time for some beers!! Have a great weekend everone. I’ll be missing all my buds at CFNKY while doing “Murph” on Mem Day.

  • Great job 6 am class! I am really getting used to the early morning bonus, its not so hot! Hamilton, I’m glad you saw our score because I’m not sure I even looked!

  • What an awesome 9am class! I got to partner with Toni and our time was 10:something after all the math. Great workout to kick off the holiday weekend. Lake and sun here we come!

  • Partnered with Laura on this one. Rxd weight on deadlifts but they were pretty bad!! Sorry again Laura for the slow running!! Scored 13:32. Had a great time working with Laura!!

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