Abby’s Rogue Cert Chipper

750m row
Push Press 25
Situps 25
Deadlift 25
Box Jump 25
Pushups 25
Squat 50

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10 Responses to “Friday

  • Wendy
    11 years ago

    There you go, Mark….so how much you gonna load on that bar today?

  • Rx’d plus, exactly how much depends on how much your husband/someone at 4:30 talks me into killing myself with. Definitely want to select weights and BJ heights that will make me break the 25 reps into 3+ sets of pain.

  • Julie
    11 years ago

    Another good wod this week! time 11:03

    Subbed 70#kb for bb deadlifts
    ” step-ups for box jumps
    used 15# plate for ab rotations, did 25/side in place of sit-ups

  • Liked this one!
    Push press 45#,
    DL #105,
    Box Jump subbed jumping 3-45# plates

    11 years ago

    Ugh, not sure if I should show my face there today. March Muckness: How embarrassing!!! I might deserve a good @## whipping. Lucas, you follow?

  • Thanks for pushing me Team Karin, Stacy, and Toni to do Rx’d with deadlifts! My legs are still shaking!!

  • 750m row
    25 Push-press @ 135#
    25 GHD sit-ups
    25 Deadlifts @ 225# (lower back didn’t feel up to plus’in up this one)
    25 Box jumps 32″ box (24″ plus 2 45# plates)
    25 Incline ring push-ups
    50 Squats with 95#

    just shy of eternity at 17:20, but felt good to get my butt kicked.

  • Jeremy
    11 years ago

    10:40 rx’d

  • 10:14 Rxd. The 4:30 class was killing it.

  • stacy
    11 years ago

    12:something Rx’d. Great team!