Happy Birthday Matt Jones!!!

From 11111

Day 61 Burpee Workout……I mean, Burpee Challenge

Final day to spread the MADNESS- make sure you have invited everyone you know!


Five rounds of:

20 GHD Sit UPS

5 Push Jerks

Post loads and time to comments.

13 Responses to “Friday!

  • My 80 year old back wouldn’t allow for GHD’s so I opted to do abmat situps, 135# push press for 10 reps, 10 ring dips for 5 rounds. Loved this workout! Finished in 9:14

  • Happy Birthday Matt!!

  • Kim D
    11 years ago

    Have a great Birthday Matt!

  • chrissy
    11 years ago


  • stacy
    11 years ago

    Great workout this morning. I went with the 85# push jerk and hind sight says I should have went with 95# but boy was that heavy. First WOD completed with GHDs and back felt good! Great job girls!


  • Kristin
    11 years ago

    Happy birthday Matt!

    Can’t wait to be rid of this sickness and be back in the box with you guys! I’m officially declaring myself better for The Madness tomorrow 🙂

  • megHan
    11 years ago

    After all the madness tomorrow, go visit alex scott. 1:50pm. 601 central ave. Newport, ky 41071. Great to see the support as of late! U guys awesome!!!

  • Happy Birthday Matt, hope its a sore one!

    185×5 for the first 4 rounds and 195×5 on the last one (20GHDs for each round). I don’t know what my time was, 10ish I think.

  • Happy Birthday Matt!

  • Chris C
    11 years ago

    Happy Birthday Matt!

  • 430 class added a movement and worked in teams
    5 rounds for time as a team 12:20
    5 95# push jerks
    20 ghd’s
    15 pushups
    Fun with Karin and Josh

  • Just posted a couple of new recipes on our FB paleo discussion board!