Three rounds for time of:
25 Kettlebell swings
25 GHD Sit-ups
25 Back Extensions
25 Knees to Elbows

Post time to comments.

Saturday’s ONLY class is at 11am– remember this class is ALWAYS FREE! Open to all– bring your friends, introduce them to your addiction!  If you have been thinking about trying crossfit, Saturdays are a  great time to come- we always have 20-30 people of mixed fitness levels!  You’ll meet lots of people, hear some inspirational stories, and get a fantastic full  body workout in  about an hour.

11 thoughts on “Friday

  • Toni
    you are nuts girl. Yesterday when you said you were in everyday this week I assumed Friday would be o I don’t know …. A REST DAY !!!! I look forward to seeing your craziness tonight!

  • 🙂 🙂 🙂

    See you tonight! (Maybe I’ll take tomorrow off and do some much-needed cleaning and painting in the house!)

  • I forgot to Thank Lucas for putting the mat at the end of my GHD “machine” so I could actually touch the ground on the sit ups! Thanks! I don’t remember my time but I do remember the workout was a lot of fun!

  • Through 2 rounds not so bad….heavily subbed 3rd round. ouch.
    No idea what my time was. Don’t want to know.

    A little bird told me this was originally planned as a 5 round wod instead of 3.
    You know what I said ?
    “Holy sh*t!!!! A talking bird!!!!!!”

  • Todays workout was rough but awesome…..I think I enjoy the pain.

    3 rounds – 14:53 – rx’d

    5 rounds – 27:57 – at 15 reps of kettlebell on 4th round I dropped to 53 pounds.

  • Woa! That’s all I can say about that one! At 4:30 we did:

    3 Rounds:

    25 GHD Sit Ups
    25 Back Extensions

    2 Rounds:
    25 Good Mornings
    25 Ab Mat sit ups

    5 Rounds:
    25 KTE
    25 KB Swings (35# for me)
    Time 30ish…can’t remember-everything’s a blurrrr 🙂

    We basically did 5 rounds, but had to sub 2 rounds of GM & Ab Mats because the 4:30 was so friggin HUGE! Great work everyone…this one’s gonna leave a mark!

  • 4:30pm was fun today…..well,the wod was NOT fun, but at least we were all in it together! A whole bunch of Crossfitters greasin’ the groove for the weekend.

    3 rounds with Sorinex machine
    2 rounds of Good Mornings and abmat situps
    1st Round w/ 53# KB
    4 rounds w/ 35# KB
    Time: 25:40

    This is one of those wods that doesn’t look too bad in black and white but needs to come with a warning!

  • Just a shade under a decade at 45:27.
    Rounds 1-3 = all rx’d (at this point I was just behind Armando by a few reps, it was about to change)
    Round 4 = rx’d but dropped to 53 on KB swings
    Round 5 = best I can recall, 53 KBS and ab mat sit-ups.

    I don’t know if it was the back extensions or the 70 KB swings, but my lower back was about to snap from round 2ish on. This as MUCH more brutal than it sounds. This is the first CF workout (other than a straight lift for 3 or less reps) where it wasn’t so much the cardio, but outright muscle fatigue that got me.

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