6 thoughts on “Friday!!

  • 5:41 Glad to see Doug was able to modify it to make it work. Although inverted ring pull-ups may actually be harder than kipping pull-ups.

  • Fran has been nothing but a complete pain in my ass since the first time we met.
    We agree on nothing and I can never seem to meet her expectations. It seems like she always wants me to do better and try harder each and every damn time. Frankly, her “what have you done for me lately” attitude wears me out to the point of exhaustion in a matter of minutes when we are near each other or god forbid…in the same room together. She never apologizes or cuts me any slack.
    Maybe I don’t deserve any. 🙂


    Way off my PR, but to be honest, better than I thought I would do once I got rolling.

  • 9:21, but I’m still happy with this. Last time (July) I only pushed 45# thrusters. Tonight, I got the full 65#. Last time, used a blue band, tonight purple. This is about 2 minutes slower than July, but I’ll still take it 🙂

  • Wow! What a difference from my first or second week of CF.

    My first Fran went like this;
    55# thrusters for 1/2 the WOD & 45# for the other 1/2.
    Green band pull ups for 1/2 & Green AND blue bands for the other 1/2.
    Time 16:23

    Today went like this:
    65# Thrusters
    Red band pull ups
    Time 8:53

    I’ll take it with a smile on my face-even though I’m still coughing & feel like my chest is on fire 🙂

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