Warm up:
500m Row
5x Walkout on Hands
Down & Back External Hip Rotation
Down & Back Internal Hip Rotation
Down & Back Lunge and Twist
Down & Back Bear Crawl
Down Jump and Catch in Squat
Back Hug Knee and Step
10x PVC Pipe Pass Thrus
10x OHS

Hip Mobility
Squat with Band – (Each Leg)
Hamstring Drive Down – (Each Leg)
Hamstring Mash – (Each Leg)

3 Rounds of the Following: (PVC or Bar)
3x Hang Snatch Pulls
3x Hang Muscle Snatch
3x Power Snatch
3x OHS
3x Hang Snatch (squat)
3x Snatch (squat)

Hang Power Snatch
8×2 125/85 (Moderately Heavy, scale up or down as needed)

For time:
3 bar muscle ups
20 burpees
3 bar muscle ups
30 alternating pistols
3 bar muscle ups
40 Box jump overs
3 bar muscle ups

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