4 Rounds of the following:
:15 Jumping Squats
:15 Air Squats
:15 Grasshoppers
:15 Jumping Squats

Strength Warm Up: (w/ pvc or bar)
3 Rounds with PVC or Barbell
3x Deadlifts
3x Hang Power Clean
3x Front Squat
3x Clean (Squat)
3x Should Press
3x Push Press

7 Min EMOM of the following:
2x Hang Power Clean + 1x Front Squat
Start Moderate and Work to Heavy

For Time:
50x Burpees over the Bar
40x Wall Balls
30x Deadlifts 185/125
20x Pistols
10x MU (20x Chest to Bar or 2x Pull Ups + 2x Ring Dips)
2x Rope Climbs

Extra Core Work:
8 Rounds:
:15 L-Sits on Plates or Rings
:15 Rest

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