7 thoughts on “Friday

  • 18:48 at 5am Kinda want to try it again when I’m more awake. Good meeting everyone from the early morning crew.

  • chipper + b-day burpees!!! wow Erik I don’t think that u gonna be able to celebrate tonite after today wod.

  • What a fun list of activities we were able to complete today (insert sarcasm)! 🙂
    Time: 15:36 Rx’d Good times!

    I finished off my workout with 3 rounds of:
    Prowler back and forth (thru the back lot)
    30 slam balls (10#,10#,20#)

    I’ll be resting until Monday

  • I’m deeming my legs officially unfunctionable after this week, but glad I got this one in before going out of town for the weekend-21:28 rx’d…

    Those darn double unders-agh!

    Way to go Wendy with the prowler WOD after this one!

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