Today’s wod:

For every two-minutes of work you do, you get a two-minute rest

You don’t want to miss the FUN FRIDAY wod where we use some of our new equipment!

**Website under construction, it’s going to be a bit generic and not looking quite right for a few more days.  We are upgrading….you’re gonna love it!

3 Responses to “Friday

  • I won’t comment yet since the actual wod is not posted but I had my first workout with Nick and Will hanging around…..very encouraging guys to have on hand! Thanks for the push!

  • Jason
    13 years ago

    Sorry Crossfit, after Wednesday’s showing, I am convinced the Reds need my moral support, and my legs are a little intimidated from the sled yesterday.

  • 2 minutes of work with 2 minutes of rest? How hard could it be? Much harder than it looked. 173 reps. Remember, what would Rocky do?