Group Warm Up:
Group Warm Up – 5 Minutes
then complete the following:
Skills Transfer – 2 Rounds with an empty bar
3x Snatch Push Press
3x OHS
3x Pressing Snatch Balance
3x Heaving Snatch Balance
3x Snatch Balance – Aggressive dip and drive under the bar

1x Snatch Pull + 1x Snatch= 1 Rep; Find 1 RM
then completely the following:
1x @ 95%
1x @ 90@

Deficit Snatch Pull

Accessories: (To be completed after metcon or if time allows before)
SLDL/Romanian Deadlift

10 Min AMRAP
10 Deadlifts 155/225
15 Wall Balls

** EMOM do 3 burpees

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