Group Warm Up:
10 Min Group Warm Up

1x Clean Pull + 1x Mid Hang Clean = 1 Rep @ RM
then complete the following:
1x @ 95%
1x @ 90%

Clean Pull
3-3-3 RM
then complete the following:
3x @95%
3x 90%

Clean Long Pull

Mobility: (To be completed after metcon or if time allows before)
Shoulder Mobility


Happy Birthday Andrew Ross and Scott Spicher!

36 Burpees

4x 500m Row resting 3 minutes between sets

40 Burpees

**Max Effort each round.  First row is your pace.  If you increase your time more than :5 seconds above your pace time you owe 5 burpees for every second above.  For example, first row pace is 2:00.  On your 3rd row you row a 2:07, therefore you owe 10 burpees.

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