Group Warm Up:

10 MIN to Build to a HEAVY 1x Power Clean + 1x Front Squat
*SCORE = Heaviest weight used

Metcon: (36 Min Total Time to Complete)
12 MIN Time Cap
4 Sets for TOTAL Reps of the following:
ME Strict Pull Ups/Kipping/Ring Rows
ME HSPU /Banded HSPU/Pike Presses
**Rest when needed
**SCORE – Total Reps

2 Min Rest the complete the following:

10 Min Time Cap
For Time:
5 Rounds
5x Power Clean + Front Squat @ 75% of heaviest weight used above
10x Burpee Over The Barbell

***Rest the remaining amount of time if completed under 10 mins
2 MIN Rest the complete the following:

10 Min AMRAP
5x DB Push Press 45/25
5x Front Rack DB Lunge each Leg
5x DB Row
5x DB Push Ups

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