Group Warm Up: (10 Min)
Skills Transfer – 2 Rounds with an empty bar
3x Snatch Push Press
3x OHS
3x Pressing Snatch Balance
3x Heaving Snatch Balance
3x Snatch Balance – Aggressive dip and drive under the bar

10 MIN to build a HEAVY Power Snatch + 1 sec Pause + Overhead Squat Complex
*** Go heavy but know your limits – No bad form

For Time: (15 MIn Time Cap)
3 Rounds
100 Double Under’s
15x KB American Swings 70/53
10x Thruster @ 135/95
5x Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups
**If you complete 3 rounds rest the remainder of 15 Min and for the 5 Min rest

5 Min Rest – At Time Cap Rest then complete the following:

For Time: (12 Min Time Cap)
5 Rounds
5x Power Snatch + Overhead Squat Complex @ 70-75% of heaviest weight used above
10x Burpee over the Bar

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