Tabata mash up: Deadlift,  Box jumps

3 min rest

As many rounds as possible in 5mins: Deadlifts x 4, Box jumps x 8

3 min rest

Every minute on the minute for 10mins: Deadlift x 2, Box jumps x 6

post total tabata reps/amrap rounds/highest minute completed.

Reminder:  Tomorrow is another FREE SATURDAY workout!  It takes one hour to experience an intro to Crossfit…!  Bring your friends and dress according to the weather—-OUTSIDE ACTIVITY GUARANTEED!

Happy Birthday to Natalie and Jason!  Burpees for all!

12 Responses to “Friday

  • Great big class at 6:00a.m.!!! Loved this work out….started out the day to a good start! Hope everyone has a good weekend!

  • This was a fun workout no doubt. Even though Liz smoked everyone in excercises she bolted on the B-day burpees!!! What’s up with that Liz?!!!

  • Julie
    14 years ago

    Was a fun wod today, felt like I made big progress on the box jumps too!
    8 reps/7 rounds/10 mins. Body weight deadlifts.

    Also, I went to the self-defense seminar last night. It was great, very informative and we learned the ONE move that can save your life if you’re ever in ‘that’ situation, as well as how to gain control if you’re attacked/threatened. There were no fancy moves or complicated techniques, these are basic things to get you thinking and moving when you’re caught off guard.
    It lasted about two hours, well worth the $10. Both guys and gals are welcome, there were lots of students in attendance.

    They’re going to have several more sessions around Cinci and I put the schedule up on the cork board at the gym.

  • Adam – some of us had to get to work! 🙂 Besides my bd is coming up shortly and I need to rest as much as possible before the big day!

  • megHan
    14 years ago

    Dl weight for girls?

  • Megan L.
    14 years ago

    I can’t believe I have missed an entire week of crossfit! I have been sick. I am finally feeling like I am getting better, and I should be back in on Monday. Have a nice weekend, everyone.

  • stacy
    14 years ago

    6 reps/ 6 rds + 3 box jumps / 10 mins w/ body weight DL
    So what is the Crossfit etiquette when visiting another Crossfit location? Do I call ahead or just show up for their WOD? How much do I pay? Heading to Vegas Sunday and would love to work out with them. Maybe even get a shirt! God knows I won’t win any money so I just need to stick to working out.

  • Yeah i quit this workout. Blah Blah Blah it was tough. My poor 24 year old back feels much older.

  • Stacy- we usually get an email beforehand when someone is going to be in town. They say “hey, I am a current crossfitter in (blah blah town), I’ll be visiting on the 8th, wanted to know if I could drop in to your 10am class”….then of course at CrossfitNKY we answer right away and are so welcoming!!!:) Most gyms have a drop-in rate, BUT MANY will let that slide on that when you are visiting and they know darn well you are not gonna be there more than 2-3 times. Yes, GET THE SHIRT! Vegas, baby!

  • Alex you quit? My calves hurt and thats all I can complain about on this one. Good WOD. I almost have a muscle up!

  • Moses
    14 years ago

    10 DL/ 10 BJ
    6 rds
    10 min

  • megHan
    14 years ago

    did parts 1 & 2 @ 115# on Sunday after Yoga.
    part 1
    dl: 9,8,7,8
    bj: 9,8,8,8
    part 2
    6 rounds + 5bj