As many rounds as possible in 20 min of:

7  Sumo Deadlifts High Pull

7  Thrusters

7  Burpees

Post rounds to comments.

NO NOON CLASS TOMORROW-Saturday, 11am only– this class will run a bit long as we will be re-creating a Clydesdale games wod.  Be sure to make it and start your day strong!  – there will be prizes for the winners!

12 Responses to “Friday

  • Moses
    14 years ago

    I thought 7 was considered a lucky number??
    Whoever came up with that notion did not see 7 in the same light as this wod is painted. 🙂

    8 rounds +7 SDLHP, 2 Thrusters (Now with less thrust!!)
    Something must have happened with the earth’s gravity this morning because 95 pounds felt oddly heavy. hmmm

    Good job 6 am’ers on a tough one today.

  • Karin
    14 years ago

    I think I am going to feel this one tomorrow…

    11 Rounds – prescribed

  • Jason
    14 years ago

    Wow Karin, nice job!
    I managed only 7 rounds at 75lbs. Probably could have done Rx’ed SDHP, but my thrusters are terrible.

  • 6 rounds RX’D

    I had no energy today. The weight wasn’t an issue. Need to focus on my diet!!

  • Armando
    14 years ago

    Nice wod…I met my goal to get to 10 rnds at 18 min…

  • Randi
    14 years ago

    nice job everyone! Looks like a great wod… I will be gone all weekend and miss it but I’ll be back on Monday 🙂

  • Looks like the 6am’ers are still kicking butt! I’m so depressed i’m missing all the fun with this stupid back injury! I can’t wait to get back. Hold the fort down 6am until i get my back, back….literally.

  • Way to go Karin!!! I know I’m going to feel this tomorrow….my arms and shoulders are still shaking from it! 9 rounds, rx’d. Great job to the 4:30 class!!

  • 7 rounds plus 7SDLHP & 7 thrusters 45 lbs…hmm the combo of thrusters & burpees…which is worse? Thinking they both are evil!

  • Rx’d 9 rounds plus 7 SDHP–chose to workout outside with a nice breeze in exchange for a few cement scrapes from the burpees 🙂
    Nice job, Tim, Megan, Lara, Jeff and Toni at 5:30pm

    There are some big games on tomorrow so get in the gym and get your Crossfit on at 11am! Sounds like Emily has put some hard work and thought into Saturday’s wod.

  • 5 + 1 burpee, BUT rx’ed. Better than yesterday, not as good as tomorrow. 🙂

  • Julie
    14 years ago

    Made it thru 10 rounds + 7SDHP Rx’d!!