WOD: Shoulder Press 3-3-3-3-3:

4 Rounds for time:

7 “Curtis P’s” (95/65)
15 Taters (55/35)
20 Push Ups
15(each side) Grasshoppers

Post loads and time to comments.

This Saturday and Only this Saturday we will have 3 classes 9am,10am and 11am. Yes one more class!! Come on in and bring your friends and family to share the “fun”. (If you cant find a parking space, please don’t park at the Karate place – find a space in the back)

SUNDAY- 1pm WOD with coach Kike (must be a member).

Monday – Licensed Massage Therapist:   Mark Chisenhall from The Pain Reliver will be giving a 15 minute presentation followed by  FREE massages to all members from 5:00pm-? 

Starting February 4th we will start our Beginner Crossfit Bootcamp at 10:00am and 7:30pm. More details to come soon!


15 Responses to “Friday!

  • Jeremybarbour
    9 years ago

    Looks like a fun wod can’t wait

  • Natalie
    9 years ago

    I love the early post! Way to be on top of it Lucas! See ya there.

  • oscarpantoja
    9 years ago

    This looks very interesting

  • Moses' wife
    9 years ago

    Is it a bad sign when half the description of that wod makes me hungry? Mmmmm taters.

    Ugh. Paleo.

  • How are you suppose to do hspu’s after this workout! Shoulder buster! Love it want some more of it!

    • That was tough. My thighs need some work they were failing me today. 22:24 great job everyone this one was tough.

  • Shoulder pressing didn’t go as well as planned…backed it down for the last couple of sets to get the reps in and keep my form in check.
    Marcus and Tyler were moving some good weight!

    19:41 for the 4 rounder. Yikes.
    Pretty fun to do some new moves even though they were tough. I often wonder where some of names for these things come from and I figured one out today. I over exerted on a couple of those KB reps and given my advancing years I actually did Curtis P a little. DOH!

    • Melissa
      9 years ago

      You are such a dork Moses 😉 I agree this one was tougher than it seemed! ESP those taters! I finished in 17 something. For shoulder presses i worked up to 100. It’s crazy how much harder those babies are than push presses! Happy Friday everyone!

  • I have no idea what half of this wod even is, so I’m guessing it must be tough. Sorry I can’t make it tonight!

  • Jill W.
    9 years ago

    Got to see the 5 am class doing this when I got there…….and then I actually stuck around to do it myself! Call me crazy. ha ha
    That was pretty brutal, not gonna lie. I think the taters were the worst for me but I did it in 24 something……rx’d! First time rx-ing something! wooo hooo! 🙂

  • Subbed Bench Press for Shoulder Press
    95-100-105-110-115 x 3
    21:37 rxd…great job Melissa going with the men’s prescribed! Great job Niki today and the 9am crew!

  • Got up to 135# on the shoulder press sets. The last round felt pretty good.
    17:21 Rxd on the WOD. It was a gasser. Great crowd at the 4:30 class.

  • wow …Curtis P’s are my new favorite ! good job everybody !!

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